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  • Wed, 23:52: I just found out that the red text on some of the guns on Borderlands 2 is actually effects. "Fresh meat!" has a chance to give you ammo.
  • Thu, 00:44: I watch these shows about substance abuse and can't quite understand why people do it.
  • Thu, 01:06: RT @toninicolechey: Wow! All I said was that I am proud that @MrRepzion didn't debate him and this happened! Unsubscribe button calls! http…
  • Thu, 01:55: RT @StrikeDebt: A message from the Egyptian people to the 1% in the US and to the 99% in the US. Strikes just the right note. http://t.co/8
  • Thu, 02:38: Don't make what sounds like a plea for help if you're not going to accept it from someone who is willing to do so. It's frustrating.
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