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  • Wed, 13:05: RT @ChrisWarcraft: I will miss driving past the Jolly Green Giant statue on south 169 though. It's like a 1950's version of Pedobear lurkin…
  • Wed, 19:12: We just saw #PacificRim. Please go see it. For the love of god, if you've ever wanted to be a power ranger, GO SEE PACIFIC RIM.
  • Thu, 06:34: RT @4JStudios: A Mash-up Pack makes Minecraft look like another game, so Texture Pack + Skin Pack + User Interface + Music + Themed World #…
  • Thu, 08:32: Pacific Rim http://t.co/iqu4YYa6VS
  • Thu, 08:43: Over 14 hours later and I still want to pilot a jaeger. Damn you, Guillermo Del Toro. #PacificRim
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