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  • Sat, 12:43: I've had to block over 200 spam accounts in 24 hours. What the hell?!
  • Sat, 12:48: Seriously @twitter. These spam followers are out of control. 200 in 24 hours?! Help!!
  • Sat, 13:24: I just changed my username to see if it will help with the massive influx of spam followers. It's really annoying.
  • Sat, 13:24: I wanted to change back to icarianbird, but it is, of course, taken by a spammer. *dies*
  • Sat, 13:41: @support I'm having a serious issue with spam followers right now. I've had to block over 200 accounts in the last 24 hours.
  • Sat, 16:08: Is it bad if I think my mother over-paid for photos for our wedding? Filters and photo edges. I could've done those.
  • Sat, 21:18: RT @GeorgeTakei: For you students out there... http://t.co/7FDZjlbxbz
  • Sun, 03:10: A Special Announcement from ERB.@ http://t.co/JFTZfN7P1b
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