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Hmm. Saying night. I'm fixing to go home and go to bed. Went to Jonesboro today and got $250 worth of clothes. My Baboo loves me... but he loves that my momma's gonna pay him back more. ^_^ I look good in my new clothes. And I like them a lot. ^_^

Stephen got a tatoo Monday. I don't know if I've told everyone that yet. He's suppose to be putting a pic up in his journal soon. I hope he does, but if he doesn't, I'll stick one in mine eventually. I like it. :)

He's gonna fix my computer too. YAY! He's gonna make it better than his so that I can play KotOR at home instead of on his comp. YAY!

Let's see... what else?

Pix, I never do see you online. Why is that? >_<

Uhm. Hm. Anybody need anything from me? Info or anything? I'm just checking.

Gotta get my shot tomorrow.

Dentist appointment Tuesday.

Nothing else really.

Later guys.

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