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Wrestling Last Night...

We had a good time at wrestling last night. Wasn't worth $7, but was still a hoot...

The opening was a bit weak. Not because of Matt X-Kaliber and his ranting and raving about being Comish for the night, but because the crowd really wasn't into it. It was kinda sad. I mean, your main baddy was right there telling you all that he had TOTAL CONTROL of the evening and you're just sitting there. I think it was just me, the gal in front of me, and like 3 little kids boo-ing him. I felt ashamed. Sorry we couldn't give you the reception you deserved, X.

Matt, give me the list of last night's match-ups (I've forgotten them today) and I'll give you my complete list of thoughts on them all. But right now, here's what I remember.

What did I really like about last night? Not a whole lot really. The Strap Match was a bit too one sided. Yes, I know that it was set up like that, but in a good strap match there are people outside for both the Babies and the Heels. It would've been better if the Babies would've gotten some smacks though the boys did an outstanding job. I did like the match. Ray and Tommy took the beating gracefully and I laughed at their reactions. I know it hurts, but you couldn't help but laugh at Tommy in those leather-esque pants. ^_^

Speaking of The Playboy Club. Ya'll did great last night. The ending was a bit rough plus the mic was going crazy all night, but it was good. Matt X-Kaliber v Big Al was good. When he growled in your face and you just fell over, genius. Loved it totally. But you've always been able to take a beating well. When Tommy climbed up the wall, that was great too. You guys were all going crazy last night and kept me laughing.

Hm... What else? Kid Krazy v Scott Fury was a hell of a match in itself. My only real question is... How does a match with NO DISQUALIFICATION end without a pin? Please explain. I know The Playboy Club interfered, but still... how? The moves in KK v SF were pretty damn awesome. I did enjoy it really. My other question is... Since Scotty, technically, did not DEFEAT Kid -- Is he the No. 1 contender? I think not. You said he had to BEAT Kid, not let the match end. Ya'll gonna play it off this way? I hope so. You're a heel -- slinky and underhanded. You must play it off this way!!

Anything else you need me to talk about? Hm. Really, last night had a low turn out and wasn't the best. We enjoyed how the Hardcore title changed hands so quickly. I didn't realize you guys were doing a defend anywhere belt. Awesome.

I know you won't be there next week. Glad you're going to go see family though. You should always take time to visit family! In two weeks though, we'll be there. I'm gonna take better notes next time so you'll know what we did/didn't like.


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