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Give me one good reason...

I'm referring to the post here. There will probably be more rebuttals but this is all I have time for tonight. I want to address Shaun's comment especially. Make myself a little clearer for you, bub. No trouble, just expression.

Geez people this is gettin outta hand here...what's the big deal if a person prefers one game system over the other? I mean just let Ryan be the way he is in supporting Nintendo...they are a great company...I for one prefer the Gamecube and PS2 over the Xbox because there are games on those 2 systems that I like to play...I'm an RPG'er and let's face it, the Xbox and the new 360 isn't gonna be strong with those types of games.

Okay, so I got a little fiery. Sorry. I just don't see why I can't be as passionate as he can be? What's the problem with that? I do agree that the Box totally needs to work on their RPGs. There's nothing going on in that division. I like their 1st Person shooters though. Medal of Honor was so much fun multiplayer!!

But please let's settle down here...I mean after all this is all over gaming...I could understand a little argument maybe over who is better between God and Satan...but not over gaming...

Actually, I see less argument over God v Satan than gaming. We all know God is the winner with that one. DUDE. How hard is that one really?

Oh and Lori...the "get a life" comment was a little harsh...I mean come on, everyone has their own interests and hobbies and will stick with them until the day they die...so don't bash people for being into something unless it's like satanism...

Referring to my "Get a life" comment:
What I really want to say is "Get a life, Ryan. Gaming isn't everything, man." but I just don't think saying that is really right. You have your opinion and I have mine.

If you'll read what I put after that, you'll see that I WASN'T SAYING IT! I was tempted to say this to your face, but I realize that YOUR OPINIONS ARE YOUR OPINIONS and I understand that you're passionate about them.

Its just that he just pisses me off so much... He expects us to just take his comments like they're god's gift to us, but when I have an opinion that's opposing his he goes all ballistic and takes me off his list... Fuck him.

I acknowledge that I've made several comments that he didn't agree with, but that's no reason to totally trip out, unfriend me, and run away. If you don't face the people who piss you off, you'll never be able to make anything of yourself in this world. Why do you think I'm fighting you so passionately?! Its because I feel I need to get MY point across.

All my comments about God in his journal were nothing but a mix of counterpoint and my belief. A one-sided debate is nothing but rambling. You have to have both sides to have a decent conversation. Any good debater knows this. I made the statement in my original comment that I WAS ONLY VOICING THE OTHER SIDE, but a few of my comments were my own beliefs.

He just makes me so mad... and most you know how vindictive I am when I'm pissed off.

All I really want to say is, I guess... Kiss my ass.

I'll probably regret it tomorrow, but I don't give a flying fuck right now.

You wanna be pissed off? I can be pissed off too honey. I'm sick and tired of you and your Nintendo mania.

I'm tired of looking at my damn GCN just because of YOU!



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