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Stephen and I have just had a wonderful night together and I've been able to release all my aggressions. I've been praying with my rosary (I was neglecting it and I need to quit doing that) and it has made me fell much better really. No, I'm not Catholic, but Stephen's step-aunt provided one for me because she gives them out to everyone as little gifts. It makes me focus on things and I see that I've been a bit too aggressive. I don't want to turn out like Anakin. My god. He killed Younglings. I will just breathe, keep the peace, and keep things here if I'm feeling hostile. My journal, my thoughts... Its easy.

Like I said before, Stephen and I had an outstanding night. We watched SW: EPIII and Mindhunters. Plus we had dinner in between. It was a lovely night out and it made me feel good. I recommend Mindhunters to anyone who liked Saw. Seriously screwed up, but its great. Really.

I'm gonna get outta here 'cause its late. I've got to get home and get to bed.

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