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Sailed on over to Ryan's journal to see if maybe he'd had a fun time in St. Louis and maybe just to see if he was still mad at me. I thought, "Hey. I'll just give an 'I'm sorry' and move on 'cause I do feel bad that he thinks I was flaming him." Which I WASN'T!

No one gets the fuckin' meaning of Point-Counterpoint here do they?

So anyways. Read through his journal and I just wanted to get violent again. OMG. The bitching 'bout the "casual gamers." Get over it. Really. I'm glad I unfriended him so I don't have to read it. I value his friendship, but definately not that much. Not enough to put up with that shit...

-sigh- Anyways.

Stephen and I have been doing okay. Been busy. Wade's been at APPLE and I've missed him sooooo much. So much. Boredom is terrible when you're home by yourself. What else is new..? Well. Stephen's Stewart Family Reunion is tomorrow and we're gonna head on over to it. YAY! I don't know any of them, but they're all so happy and nice. Really. Its great.

OMG! hoojoe made me a most excellent set of character pics from Guild Wars.

ICONS: By Brian -- :: By Me --

I think I'm gonna stick the icon of Aryah I made up in here. I love it. Brian did awesomely on my gals and I'm really happy with them. I may start using them as my character pics. YAY! Thanks again, Brian!


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