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OKay. Just because I made an OOC post that I was upset about missing a big RP event, doesn't mean I'm pissed off at the group. It means I'm upset because I wasn't able to arrange time to get online to play. Don't fuckin' scold me and tell me I'm being "snide" because of the post I made. To you it sounded snide, to me it sounded sad. I was told the damn thing was gonna start about 2pm CST anyway. Since it didn't, I didn't get to play. Next time, maybe people should let me know when things are gonna go down. I'm new and lack a computer. Don't hold that against me.[/rant]

There really hasn't been much going on really. I'm taking summer classes and they're okay. I don't have my part-time job though and its killing me. I was looking forward to that money. I needed it. Bad. I guess I'm just gonna have to go find another job now. I dread doing that though because I won't have much free time. Real jobs are demanding and a lot of them don't like to work with my weird schedule. >_< I hate that.

Went to wrestling last night and it was a BLAST! One of the better shows I've seen minus the fact that Austin Lane almost broke something again. Maybe next time he'll heed the warnings of the referree when he says not to jump off the Lineman's back on over the top rope. I'm just glad he's okay. Busted his head pretty good, but he was eventually able to get up and finish the match.

X-Kaliber tapped out to Ms. Nikki. -laughs- And now he has to wrestle Nikki again next week. That's great. Hopefully, we can be there. The show itself, like I said before, was awesome. X was throwing a tantrum from the beginning. It was one of the best acting jobs I've seen Matt do so far. The anger! YAY! Loved it.

I just got my nails done. Jan came by and attached some falsies for me and now I have some nice, long oval nails. I need to paint them though. I may need to shorten them a little bit too. They're a little longer than I'd like. I just finished Stephen's nails and he fell asleep while I was doing it. Lol. I'll have to paint them when he's awake. He kept trying to move when I was just filing them so I know I can't paint them while he's asleep.

Well. I'm gonna go see about shortening my nails now.


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