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An email sent to the mods that I ranted about earlier... You want more details, just leave me a note and I'll gush. I feel like it really. :)

I was only trying to let the group know my online hours and, personally, don't see why there was offense taken to my post. As I said before, I was not upset at the group. I was upset at myself because I wasn't online.

I am trying to be as available as I can, but apparently that is not enough. I'm being pushed to get my character into play and I'm really wanting to do that, but its hard to do so when I don't have the right hours online.

I don't have a computer at home and my fiance' doesn't like letting me on for endless hours. I've let the internet take over my life before and it almost ruined my GPA in college. I can't allow that to happen again, but I am trying to balance things as best I can.

>>I have attempted on more than one occasion to RP with you. Those requests have been rebuffed.<<

Most attemps for just about anyone to RP with me has been right before I have to leave to either go home or just plain get offline. This includes players from other games I'm in as well. There's nothing I can do about that so please don't think I'm just disreguarding any requests to play with me.

I'm still not very comfortable with the group yet since I'm so new. I haven't had much experience playing with anyone and, it seems, all I keep doing is screwing things up. Because of that feeling, you might see why I'm hesitant to get too involved in any plots. Plus, I don't want to get deep into a long story line and then find out I'm going to be offine for an indefinate amount of time. That's not fair to whomever is playing with me really and I try my damdest to be fair.

>>When you had an issue, that you were rightfully upset about, I did my utmost to handle that issue. It appears that you have an issue specifically with me and respecting my feelings. That disappoints me. Let's try to get this figured out so that we can go back to doing what we all want to do.... play.<<

I had an issue, yes, but we handled it and I moved on. This was NOT, I repeat NOT!, an issue with you Mods or the game itself. It was a problem that I could not control and I was only letting you know that I have a limited time online. I didn't know anything about said event until the afternoon it was suppose to happen. I was under the impression that it was going to at least begin while I was online, but since it did not I was not able to participate. I wish I could've but I didn't.

The only other problem is that now I'm even more reluctant to join the gameplay because I did not participate in the break in. I don't even know if I have the time to read the posts because everything it just running off without me since I'm busy.

This shouldn't have any impact on the rest of the gameplay. I'm insignificant in the terms of the game because, at the moment, I am nothing but a supportive character and I can handle that.

Now. I hope this takes care of an email that, I believe, didn't need to be sent. All things considering, its probably just in my best interest to withdraw from the game since I seem to have too many problems and my current situation does not seem compatible with the game. I'm not mad at anyone in particular even if the tone of this email sounds like it. I just hate that I've wasted everyone's time.


All things considered, I WAS upset at the group and the Mods. Not only was I not notified of the event that was going to take place, but I was practically excluded because I wasn't able to get online. If I had been told, I would have made time for playing, but I wasn't told and didn't make the time. I was under the impression that the big RP was going to happen about 2-ish because I had talked to one of the plays and she said it was going to take place "in about an hour." That was at 1 pm. Now, as 3 pm rolled around I was thinking, "Well. Stephen wants me to come over and, since there's no game, I'm gonna go."

I got on later to print off some job apps and that same friendly player popped online, "You want an invite to the chat for the big RP?"
"No, thanks. I'm just printing stuff off for jobs and then I'm offline again." That's pretty much what I said right there. I was at Stephen's spending quality time with him and there was nothing I could do. Plus I had to leave early because of school the next morning. [/rant2]

Okay so I'm done now and feel better. I'm thinking this rant's gonna get moved to bad_rpers_suck at a later date. Just to vent my frustrations. :)


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