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My week hasn't been the best... My grandmother is doing better, but my Great Uncle just passed away Tuesday morning. Its upsetting, but he's better off consider that he was fighting cancer. My parents went up to Kansas City today to attend visitation and the funeral is tomorrow morning. I wanted to go, but didn't want to go. You know? I don't like funerals, but I loved my Uncle. My dad INSISTED on going. Uncle Beaman was his buddy. When he and my Aunt Shirley lived in town my dad was over there all the time drinkin' beer with my Uncle. >_< Not a good time for me really.

Also. I had some "problems" with that last game I was trying to participate in on GJ and I've decided to change my AOL screenname. I'm tired of dealing with the people and don't care if I talk to them again or not. Its just easier to change screen names than to try and "kiss and makeup." The mods were expecting me to be online 24-7 for gameplay and they can just kiss my ass.

If you want to contact me via AIM, check out the name shylilharlequin.


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