llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
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Gonna be studying for exams for the next two days. Ya'll let me know if you need anything from me. If you know me personally, you know where to call. ;)

Other news: Nothing new really. Classes are ending this week. I have a final tomorrow and a final Thursday. Yay for me. >_< Anyways. Gotta study slides tonight. Hopefully, I'll do well. Wade's coming to school with me Thursday because he helps me study. The drive to Jonesboro is half an hour of nothing and he fills the void. The boy's learned more about parasites in the past two weeks than he ever did know or ever wanted to know. He was especially [sarcasam]interested[/sarcasm] in the intestinal parasites. I know I totally grossed him out on that one. YAY!

Well. It's time to head off to home and get things ready for tomorrow. We got out of lab today because it was a demo lab for mites/fleas/lice/ticks. YAY! I'll talk to ya'll at a later date!


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