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Ready for the week to be over....

Well... let's see. I need to be getting to bed, but I just wanted to write a short post to let everyone know I'm still alive. Hmm.. what's happened so far? Not too much. My freakin' car broke ... again!! I'm tired of this shit. I give up and say pawn the mother. I just want a car that works... and then on top of all that. My dad finally quit his job like he's been threatening to do for six months. Great. Now I can't fix my car. I have no job. Can't really get a job with out having a car to get to the job. I'm screwed. Someone fuckin' shoot me now. It'd be cheaper that way, I promise. Wait... no it won't. I can't afford the bullet. *Shrugs* I'm just fed up with all this shit. And it all seemed to happen after i lost my "fortune" rune necklace. How sad. I guess I need to find it and wear it again. I think I left it at Stephen's. *shrugs* I really don't know.

I have an Art test tomorrow. Not to hard. Plus I have a Calc II quiz. Fairly hard. Plus I have a writing assignment due tomorrow in Psych. *sigh* I have everything written out for it. I just need to work up the paragraphs and type it. Plenty of time tomorrow. I know most of the Art. Greek and Roman statues. I love Greece and Rome so it'll be a breeze. Do you know the differences of:

1. Archaic Style (Greek)
2. Early Classical Style (Greek)
3. High Classical Style (Greek)
4. Late Classical Style (Greek)
5. Hellenistic Style (Greek)
6. Roman Style

?? Well... I know most of it. Roman's pretty much just made copies of Greek shit and added what they wanted to it. Pretty simple, aye? Well.. I've got to get going. I need sleep for tomorrow. *sigh* Hopefully I'm done ranting for now. Maybe I'll come do a lil bit more tomorrow?


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