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I was doing some important classwork when you tried to call, Matt. Sorry I didn't call back. When I finally got a chance, it was ... well, now. I didn't know if I could bug you guys at 9:30 so I haven't called back. I know I said I wanted to go by your house Tuesday, but I've been sick. I went swimming while I was up at Jan's house and got a sinus infection. Stupid me... didn't hold my nose while doing a font flip and showing off for the step-in-law-nieces and -nephew. I've felt pretty horrible for two or three days. >_< So yeah. That's why I didn't call back.

And I didn't show up because I was sick and didn't feel like going anywhere. The only reason I even went anywhere with Stephen Tuesday was because it was his birthday... I'm still tired and still don't feel well and I'm stuck having to do freakin' homework at the library at 9:30 at night. Damn online classes. >_< I hate them.

Ya'll should know by now that I'm barely reliable. If you haven't gotten the message already, I'll fill you in. When I say I'm going to be somewhere, something usually happens and I can't go. It never fails. It's like Murphy's Law really. Now... when I spontaneously say, "Hey. Let's do this." It happens. But it's then and only then that it happens.

Okay... Now that we've mastered one of the Laws of Lori, let's all turn our attention elsewhere as I'm seriously busy and need to go do this damn journal article.

Later kids.


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