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I missed opening night

I didn't really know what to use as my subject. *Shrugs* I missed the opening of SW, so now every channel I watch has some kind of inside spoiler! I simply cannot watch TV for fear of learning too much about the movie. I want to keep it all out of my mind before I see it. *sigh* I doubt that'll work though. (And if anyone is still wondering... i'm talking about Star Wars: Episode 2...)
Well... these past two days have been okay. Yesterday I went job hunting and may be able to get one for about $8.50/hr. That's not too bad considering the shifts. My dad told me 2nd and 3rd shifts were a bitch. I hope they're not too bad for me though. I really need this money. I really WANT this car!
There's nothing much else to say. This is the first time i've been on the net in 2 days.
Yesterday was my friend Sara's graduation. I went to that. I was so proud of her and her whole class. Stephen and I hung out over there until about 2 a.m. Then he brought me home and we stayed up talking to Daddy for at least another 2 hours. I fell asleep on the couch so when i woke up i decided to go to bed. Stephen just laughed at me cause he was wide away. *sticks her tongue out* Whatever.
I guess I'll get goin. I was suppose to go over Stephen's like 4 hours ago... *lol*


P.S. stupid computer. for some odd reason i keep getting an error w/ my LJ program! something about my user not existing? *blah!!!*

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