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Okay. My waterpump got fixed, but come to find out when I got up Saturday morning... Wade smashed his passenger side into the powerpole on the corner near my house. Okay... So, if you've ever been to my house, this pole isn't hard to miss. It's the only street lamp on my part of the block and has a BIG RED STOP SIGN in front of it. My brother backed up and slid his car down the pole like he was trying to turn the Cougar into a stripper. Snapped the mirror off like a twig. Boy, we're lookin' totally redneck now. I loved that car... I should've taken it when it was offered to me instead of sticking with my POS. >_< Damn him...

The score currently stands at :

In other news, I paid for my ticket today. You should see the receipt....
Court Cost = $75
Fine = $100
Discount for Wearing Seat Belt = $10

I saw that and was like... Wha? My seatbelt is only worth a $10 discount when it's at least a $50 ticket if you don't wear it? >_< Weird.

What else is going on? Stephen's been kinda lightheaded for a couple weeks and he finally went to the doctor. Turns out he's got fluid in his ears from a sinus infection. Yuck. I'm just glad it's nothing too bad though. Poor babe.

We've made plans to go out tomorrow night. I've got to finish my slides and so we're going to do that early morning before heading out to shop for some new boots. Payless is having a sale and Stephen promised me a new set of boots because he wants me to have them. Now, that's only if we can find a good pair that we both like. I probably won't get a pair because I hate taking his money for stuff like that. I feel guilty. Either before or after shopping, we're going to go eat Chinese food! ♥! I am so excited to get to go eat Chinese. Steamed dumplings... MmMmMmMmMmmmM!

Lastly, we're gonna go watch a couple movies. Stephen wants to see "The Corpse Bride" and I'm either gonna pick "The Brothers Grimm" or "The Exorcism of Emily Rose." I haven't decided yet. We almost always take in two movies since we don't go more than once a month at the most. It's great fun.

Well. I think that's all from me at the moment. More later maybe?


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