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Okay. So I'm here at school not really doing anything but wasting time until my class. I just don't feel like the homework yet.

School has been okay even though I still owe $200 and can't register yet. That's okay because the classes I need to take probably can't fill up considering I'm in the higher level classes. I've got to register soon though. >_< I just don't know. I'm ready to get out.

Thanksgiving is coming next week. Stephen and I may be going up to his Mom's. I haven't decided if I am or not. Probably so. I like being up at Cherokee Village. It's so nice up there.

Wade's birthday is Friday. So is the Harry Potter release... ^_^ YAY!

My birthday is in 3 weeks. YAY. I'll be 23. Isn't that fun? But that still makes Matt the oldest of the group so HA-HA-HA!

What else to say? Dunno really. Stephen and I are doing quite well. We're working through any problems we have and I'm enjoying myself with him again. It's great. I feel like we're as in love now as we were when we first started dating. Ah...


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