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How to make popcorn in a campfire

Thanksgiving was fun. I helped my Grandmother cook the Wednesday before. I made Pink Cloud and Chocolate pies. YUMMY! I don't like pie, but I think I've converted to Chocolate Pie. It was REALLY good. Maybe I'm a little biased, but that's okay.

Wednesday night Stephen and I went to Jan's to stay the night. We stayed two nights and enjoyed the food. Although, I wish I could've partaken in the food at my grandparents' house. Jan's food is GOOD, but I didn't like some of it. I've learned to love green beans with brown sugar in them. That's pretty good shit. You don't need dessert afterward. lol.

Saturday night, we had a campfire in my yard. Seriously. We did. Mom was kinda miffed that she couldn't go camping this weekend. It was kinda cold and then kinda rainy. So Stephen, the sweetheart he is, got some pine blocks from his shop and brought them over so Mom could have herself a campfire. We started out with just the three of us, making S'Mores. Then, mom went inside and called the family. My grandfather came over and spent some time with us, followed by my aunt and cousin. It was fun! Once everyone was over and my dad got back from hunting, I went in and grabbed the hotdogs and we had campfire hotdogs! Yummy! Then my cousin, Kelby, asked why we couldn't have popcorn. Mom, the intelligent one, figured we could make popcorn in the castiron dutch oven she had. So I, as the sweetest of the bunch, went inside and washed out this nasty, rusted dutch oven. Stephen helped me take everything outside and the five of us (my dad had gone back in by now) tried to figure out exactly how to make popcorn in a castiron dutch over over a campfire. Yeah. What you do is you scrape some good hot coals out of the fire and set the iron pot right on top of them. Add some oil and popcorn, cover, and wait. It worked really good. When you get it done enough, you can set the pot back on the coals and pop out the left over popcorn that you didn't get the first time. We left the lid off when we did this the second time and got to watch the popcorn jump out of the pot. It's actually quite amusing. Really.

Well... that was my weekend. :) I didn't include the three firewood runs that Stephen and I made, but they were very uninteresting. The campfire was the best part because I could just stare into it and be totally amused.

It was like watching TV... only not.


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