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In current news...

Stephen and I have had some discussions about our relationship. We've decided that we're going to date, but we're going to give each other more breathing room. We are currently not engaged... just dating again. We're going to not hassle each other for saying 'no' about things like movies and such. We used to get mad at each other for not getting our own ways and that was part of the problem between us. Also, we're both going to be able to go out as individuals. Example... if I want to go out alone to see ya'll or anyone else, I get to and he can't be mad at me. And vice versa for him. This way we both feel a little more in control of ourselves. See. The two of us have control issues and they're always conflicting. I know ya'll know about my control issues. They can't have escaped your notice. Really...

Anyways. Night before last, I had to go to Stephen's because he was having some anxiety problems. I stayed with him that night and we discussed things. He felt much more calm and protected because I was there. It was nice to sleep in the same bed together too. I always miss him at night. :( I really do.

In other news... I'm planning a DDR trip the second weekend of February. Anybody that wants to meet up at Galactic Hurricane that Friday or Saturday (FEB 10 or 11), let me know. I'm seriously needing some DDR-age. I haven't played in months and it's killing me. I've got about 150 DDR songs on my MP3 player so I do get my fix of music, but it always makes me ache to do the steps. Especially when I'm washing dishes. I stop every few songs to do what steps I can remember or make up. Lol. So let me know if ya'll want to meet us! We're gonna have a good time. Plus! Stephen and I both have a card that allows 2 people (per card) to play laser tag for free (up to 5 times). If they allow us to do that multiple times, we'd be having some fun!!! So... I'll finalize up my details and let ya'll know for sure or not if we're going. :)

And now... my RPG character of the day... Read only if you want to see what things I enjoy doing. ;)

This is my main character from a Y!Group called Hell Freezes Over Please feel free to read up on her if you like her. :) Mostly, I'm doing this to justify why I have my RPG characters as icons. ;)

Name: Aryah (uh-RYE-uh) Deveraux

Age: Usually appears to be about 28, but was 3,200+ years last time she counted

Species: Originally human, then Demon, now mostly human again.

Occupation: She was once a Spirit Hunter/Spiritual Bounty Hunter, but now Aryah is a Mother

Description/Appearance: Tall & fair skinned with a well toned feminine body, most men perceive Aryah to have the ideal figure of a woman and she prefers it that way. Her sleek muscular figure is complemented by ample breasts & exotic yellow cat's eyes seem to stare sternly through whomever her gaze falls upon. Her whole body is finely accented by inky black hair which falls just past her shoulders, untamed. This is the physical husk Aryah puts out in the world... her actual appearance is unknown to mortals & most all immortals and is rarely, if ever, revealed to anyone. Her wings have been returned to her and she hides them using her shape-shifting. They appear to be a tattoo of bat's wings upon her back.
Currenly, Aryah has settled on one form because all of her past abilities were taken from her when she became pregnant. The father of her child was an archangel and, because of this, the pregnancy almost took her life. She had to have (most of) her humanity restored so that she could carry the child, Adora Noir, to full term.

Past Abilities: Blink; Shadow Magic; Shape-shifting; Demonic Strength & Speed; Elemental Teleportation (shadow); Weapon Materialization (shadow; Bladed only); Aura of Fear; Winged Flight; Self-healing; Succubus/Life Force Absorption; Bottled Essence
Currently Aryah only has two abilities... Shape-shifting (restored by Gabriel) and Blink

Brief History: Aryah, once known as Aryiahn, was born at the decline of Mesopotamian civilization. Sometime during her youth, she met the last Lucifer (a man named Meslamtaea) and some of his companions during a trip to the market and was never able to get him off of her mind. After many promises and a heated pursuit of her, he persuaded her to come away with him... to Hell. From then on the unsure young woman named Aryiahn was the headstrong and powerful Demon Aryah.

Born from chaos, Aryah is one of the Demonic soldiers of Down Below. She has trained for countless lifetimes to be able to do the things she does which include: calling forth the shadows to make them as tangible as the ground a person walks on or even blending into them with ease. Feared by all, beaten
by none, Aryah ended up becoming one of the most powerful Demons in Hell... and she liked it that way. At one time, the Demoness was even a General in the armies of Down Below, but not anymore. For some reason known only to Meslamtaea and herself, Aryah was cast out of Hell and back into the mortal
realm about 2,000 years ago.

Setting up shop in Santa Cruz after her seemingly self-inflicted 'fall' sounded like a good idea, but Aryah grew restless. Still possessing some of her powers has allowed her to take up a new profession that she truly likes: Spiritual Bounty Hunting.

For six months after kidnapping Tanya Thornton, Aryah disappeared into the bowels of Hell. Most thought she was never to be seen again, but that proved not to be true. The Demoness foiled an attempt by her doppelganger to murder the blessed woman and thus reinstated herself as the woman's protector. It
seems that for those six months she was lost, Aryah was busy investigating the disappearance of many angels and demons. Doppelgangers were set loose and she's trying her damdest to find out how and why. The only problem is that her own doppelganger was allowed to spread chaos in her name. This has made
her hunted within the underworld and now she not only has to gather information, but also hide out from one of her most hated rivals... Raaela. So now, the Demoness is on her guard and trying to keep from losing her head.

Currently... Aryah and the archangel Raphael wed in a private ceremony. The two conceived a child, but carrying it required that Aryah give up her powers so that both she and the baby would survive. The past 16 years have been the greatest in her entire 3,200+ years of existance. The only problem now is that she is having to sabotage her best friend's marriage in order to save her own child from destruction at the hands of the Archangel Gabriel whose ways are even more evil that that of the Devil. He restored her shape-shifting abilities so that she can do this for him and allow him the time he needs to warp the mind of the Heaven-sent child Enoch.


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