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I'm so sleepy and tired. Things have been okay this week. Same sort of busy-ness really. Other than the exams I was and still am supposed to be studying for. It's hard to concentrate really. My brain doesn't want to cooperate. *pokes it*

Well... in other news. Stephen has supplied Wade and I with half a laptop -- Yes, half a laptop -- to use as a word processor. This is accomplished because the only thing really wrong with the thing is that the screen has been removed. There's a port for a desktop screen and we're using it. The CPU is small and compact and, had we been able to download the printer drivers, we'd be able to print. We are getting to use some A drive discs so I can type things up on Wordpad, Notepad, or Works and just transfer it over to school. Lovely. I'm going to try to get things done in a timely manner though so that I can leave room for error as I don't really trust A drive discs. They're always the first to break down on me, you know? Yeah.

Well. That's the excitement for me today. Other than the fact that I've almost completely worked up a profile for Marrow for MU. I've even put up a journal for her for when I get her PB and can make icons. YAY. I'm thinking about picking an African-American actress. I think Marrow would be neat as an African-American woman really. I don't think I've ever seen her as one. Plus... I just feel as if I'm totally being too closed minded with my characters' races. True... Rayne is white because she's basically me or, at least, how I see myself at times. And Emma is white because that's her in canon and it would be weird if she wasn't. Though it would be freakin' awesome to see her different... Maybe Asian? Polaris ... I just can't see her any other race really. Gloria is my only character of any sort of ethnicity really and I suck at playing her anyway. So Marrow's either going to be African-American or Brigitte Nielson. I still haven't decided yet. I like Brigitte a lot. ^_^ And she looks somewhat like my thoughts on Marrow do.



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