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Stephen has to get an MRI done on his knee tomorrow morning so Valentine's got pushed back by at least a day. No ... I am not bitter, but I'm sad. Not only because he's not here, but because I was looking forward to it.

Lucy is sick. She may have a genetic defect. Stephen can get his money back on her because of it, but that doesn't help the fact that he's grown so damn attached to her and he may have to have her put down if she's in too much pain. He's really bad upset about it. I'm upset myself, but it just rolls off of me really. Things like that don't really hit me for some reason. I'm always set off by weird things... Like the mirror. I'm really just screwed up I suppose. I'm mostly upset for him. He takes things like this really hard even though he may not show it on the outside. Stephen is actually very fragile. He has to be treated like candy glass and nurtured or he'll break easily. It's something we both have to work on together.

Well... enough from me. Night all. :)


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