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Just adding an update...

I have a few minutes so i thought i'd update my journal. What's been going on? Nothing much really. My back's been hurting... but then again... I get a spasim like this every so often. No bid deal... even though it hurts like a bitch. I think i'm finally beginning to break through my writers block and so, hopefully, i'll have a little bit more of my stories written on Elfwood. [Check out my page if you haven't already!] I just updated the bio today and I'm hoping to have at least one story written by Halloween. Hopefully... To know about my most recent inspirations, i suggest going to Elfwood and reading... ;) [hopefully this ploy will get you there...] Other than that, there's not much else to say. I'm just so excited! If it weren't for this damn CALC II test tomorrow, I'd be writing one right now!! :(



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