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I'm hurting!!

I've got a paper to write, I just failed a test... and My back hurts sooo much. It's hard to move because of it! What are the symptoms of a Kidney Infection? Does anyone who actually reads my entries know?? I guess i'll ask my mom when I go home tonight. Yes.. i'm finally going home. My car is still sitting in our yard, battery-less. Stupid run down battery. At least I'll get to clean the ant colony out of it. I've been meaning to do that forever.
*sigh* i don't want to go to class today... maybe I could just go to english and talk to my teacher and then run by my Psychology teacher's office and tell him. I'm really huting bad. And on top of that, ... well. Let's just say I'm having a bad time right now physically. 0_o
I guess i'll write my paper now. *sigh* I can't wait for the day to be over!!!!


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