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No X-men IV

$196 Million Worldwide, But Still No X4 Plans?
Source: Variety
May 30, 2006

Despite the fact that X-Men: The Last Stand pulled in about $196 million in just four days worldwide (it cost approximately $210 million to make), Marvel Studios' Avi Arad tells Variety that they are going to move forward with the two spin-off movies instead of X-Men 4:

A big second frame decline is thus likely. But with nearly $200 million in domestic grosses by next weekend a virtual lock, Fox execs won't be shedding too many tears.

More likely, they'll be talking to their partners at Marvel about the next step for the franchise, since "Last Stand" was supposed to be the final film in a trilogy.

"The first reaction, which we should discard, is here comes 'X-Men 4,'" said Marvel Studios topper Avi Arad. "We're working on 'Wolverine,' which is definitely a continuation, and we have a very interesting script about a young Magneto."

We wouldn't be surprised if Fox does indeed talk to Marvel Studios about a fourth movie considering the phenomenal numbers the third installment has already brought in. We'll keep you updated on the spin-offs and if there's any other developments.

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