llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

Ever wanted to know why I DETEST organized religion..?

Here's a [Prime Example] of a woman who needs to understand this -- Christian =/= Bigot.

Just because someone doesn't practice Christianity or doesn't believe in Jesus Christ, they are not evil. They are not tainted. They are not going straight to hell. I don't care if you believe that, but I do not. If god loves all children of this world, that means the love is for any genuinely good person.

Only a selfish and self-centered being would want people to bow down to them 24/7.
That is not MY GOD and it will never be.

My god will always love me because of the good I do for my fellow man and the love I have for others that is unbridled. I love everyone that comes to me because they give me no reason to hate them. If I have been scorned by a person, I learn to put aside those feelings and move past them. Fear is the only thing I have yet to tackle that holds back any of my love and that is only because I'm scared to freakin' death of being blown up by a terrorist right now. I could probably remedy that by moving to Canada, but I'd miss my friends and family too much.

Love is the ultimate act of kindness... If you can learn to love your enemy and learn to live in harmony, there would be no more wars. Wars are acts of man and evil. You have to go past being a human and look to what really matters.

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