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I just payed $8 for a 24-hour access to AT&T's WiFi.

I just got screwed, but it's okay. I'm officially updating from my new $1600 HP laptop.


I'm in definate debt now, but it's okay. I don't have a car payment yet so this will be my warm up for that. I've managed my money kinda sorta okay. I've always had enough for my bills even if I spend it all when I shouldn't. Eh. Whatever.

So... I'm sitting here in Boulevard at the River Market and typing up my journal entry so that everyone will know that I'm alive and I have actually acquried a computer. Technically, I don't have the internet yet, but I'm working on finding a permenant WiFi spot that I can hit that doesn't charge me and does work. I wish Boulevard's public WiFi had worked. My computer decided that it didn't like the signal strength or something of it.

I've been talking to Stephen for a few minutes. Ha, well. Funny story about that.

He and I are basically back together. I know I said I wouldn't go back with him, but his medication is straightened out and I'm in Little Rock so things are going well. We still annoy each other, but I don't think that will ever change. There are days I love him more than anything and days I could care less that he exists, but I think that depends on my mood. I really think I need to see a therapist. Yeah, I said it. I think I need to see a therapist. I've always had some bit of depression in my life, but I'm so sick and tired of dealing with it. Having Stephen around, no matter how frustrating it got at times, allowed me to have someone who acted as my therapist. He's been as much help as he has been a hinderence.

I think the distance really has helped me out a bit though. It's too bad I always feel as if I have to do with he wants so he won't be disappointed. We always fall back into that same rut that keeps me upset. He won't give me a straight answer about things and I won't listen to him when he doesn't. Our communication isn't working well. Not at all.

I, apparently, can't communicate with anyone who isn't talking to me from a computer screen. I guess it's because I don't get the subtle hints that people give IRL. Online, it's easier. You have to say what you mean pretty much because you're typing.

Well, Little Rock has been pretty nice so far. I have only had two major disasters: 1) my car broke down when I went home two weeks ago. I was 100 miles from Little Rock and had no vehicle for work. That was interesting. Really. And then 2) I have a leak in my bathroom and part of the ceiling fell in. Not a good thing at all. Still working on getting that fixed. It's been leaking since Thursday and I just now got word from the repair man at my apartment complex yesterday. Not his fault though. The people in the office have no clue what I was talking about when I told them that my ceiling was caving in from the water damage. Contrary to popular belief, I know what a leak is and I do understand that it's not a good thing. Thankfully, he (Robert, the repairman) did clean up all the insulation that fell from the ceiling and got up the gigantic 1 1/2 foot section of drywall that fell from the ceiling. BTW, that shit is heavy when it's soaked all the way through.

So, my next aquisition seems to be that of home internet access so that I don't have to leave my house for free WiFi. I definately need a wireless connection. Definately. I like not having to plug up. The battery life on this sucker is kinda bad, but it's awesome when it comes to being user friendly. Vista is a weird change from XP, but I do like it. I miss my XP, but I think that will wane over time.

Okay. I'm going to go so I can do something else on here other than spend my entire time in my journal.


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