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What have I been doing all morning?

Absolutely nothing. Well. Not nothing, but more like nothing useful. I've been prowling around J.K. Rowling's Official Site for an hour and a half looking for the Easter Eggs that she's hidden. An hour and a half. Why? Because it brought interest into my normal mundane day. Plus, it was just interesting reading about Harry Potter.

In case anyone doesn't know this already, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I mean HUGE! And I am absolutely jealous because my brother is going to one of the midnight release parties for the book in July. I'm half-tempted to go with him, but he's going with his friends so I'm sure he doesn't want his big sister hanging around. The boy's a WAY bigger HP fan than I am. He knows more trivia than I ever will, but you couldn't tell it from the outside.

I don't think I'm going home this weekend. Gas prices are $3 a gallon and I'm trying to save money. The only way I'm going to go is if my mom has my title changed over to me and I would prefer to just go home next weekend to get it anyway. But I think I have to get a new plate for my car too so I may have to. Damn it.

Eventually, I'm going to actually invest in a new(er) car. I haven't decided exactly which on just yet. Definitely not a Chevy. Most likely, a new Ford.

Anybody got any questions to pose at me? I don't know what to say...

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