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Kanoodled from pixienymph

1. A is for age: twenty-four

2. B is for beer of choice: None. Bleh.

3. C is for career right now: Clinical Laboratory Technician

4. D is for your dog's name: Missy, though technically she's at home and she's Dad's dog.

5. E is for essential item you use everyday: My computer and my ID badge for work.

6. F is for favorite TV show at the moment: The Waltons. Don't ask me why. I've got the Hallmark channel and, apparently, I'm not afraid to use it.

7. G is for favorite game: The Final Fantasy Series

8. H is for Home town: Grubbs, AR

9. I is for instruments you play: Alto and Baritone Saxophone; A wee bit of recorder.

10. J is for favorite juice: Grape.

11. K is for whose butt you'd like to kick: I don't usually feel the need to be violent with anyone though there have been a few. I don't know who they are/were though.

12. L is for last place you ate: On the couch. Other than that, Lone Star Bar and Grill.

13. M is for marriage: Nope. Maybe someday, but I like being not married.

14. N is for your name: Lori

15. O is for overnight hospital stays: Not in a LONG time. Unless you count 12 hours in the emergency room?

16. P is for people you were with today: My co-workers.

17. Q is for quote: "I reject your reality and substitute my own." -- Adam Savage

18. R is for Biggest Regret: Causing so much trouble between myself and those I love.

19. S is for status: Uhm. Alive?

20. T is for time you woke up today: Technically, I haven't been asleep TODAY, but I woke up at 10:30-ish last night.

21. U is for underwear: Blue. Flowers. New.

22. V is for vegetable you love: Potato.

23. W is for worst habit: Lying to make things go over smoothly.

24. X is for x-rays you've had: Several.

25. Y is for yummy food you ate today: A pot pie.

26. Z is for the zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

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