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Sailor Moon

I started downloading the Sailor Moon Anime again today. I'm watching Episode 2 and I keep thinking about how different PGSM is from it. Mokoti is a blonde! I totally forgot that.

It's been a long while since I have watched any of these. I can't wait until I can buy them on DVD. I really am going to because I will be able to watch them on my TV instead of on my computer at a small size. Plus, I'm hoping that the DVDs will have an English Dub instead of just captions. Hope!!! They probably don't, but that'll be okay. I would prefer the official captions from Bandai instead of the fan caps. They're not always correct.

Differences between anime and PGSM: Crown is an arcade (liked it better as the kareoke parlor); "Dumpling Head" instead of "Meatball head" (liked Meatball head better; technically English Dub difference); Transformations are better (so I think); Mokoti is blonde and older it seems; Monsters seem better and not just random; The PGSM girls are all Japanese but the Anime girls look more Americanized (blondes for one example); Attacks are better in the Anime. There's more, I'm sure, but I just don't have them yet.

Similarities between Anime and PGSM? Luna is voiced by the same person; Beryl sounds like the same person (though I know she isn't) so I'm happy with that casting decision; The transformations are similar; All the lovable favorites are there; Jadeite looks just like his PGSM counterpart even though the PGSM Jadeite is wearing a HORRIBLE wig.

I love Sailor Moon. Seriously.

Everything's been pretty decent here in Little Rock. I've been playing Baten Kaitos a little and it's been enjoyable. It's mostly what I did while I was up this weekend at home since everyone else is asleep while I'm up. :)

Work's been enjoyable. I'm having a great time there. I like ACH and I'm not just saying that because we have to.

Well, I guess I'll go for now. Maybe more later when I remember I should update my own journal? Yeah.


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