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Okay so...

I just watched the very last episode of Charmed. Eh... It was okay. It was a little too weird for my taste. I absolutely HATED the whole Billie/Christie thing and the "we're not who we really are!" thing. It got really weird there near the end and that's basically why I quit watching it. I dealt with Pru's death well because of my distaste for the woman that played her. And Rose McGowan made me love her and Paige's powers... eventually. The whole Witch/Whitelighter thing bothered me for a long while. And EVERYTHING that had to do with Wyatt was weird. I guess I should say that I'm fairly unhappy with the Charmed series after it's creator left her production spot. She kept things consistent.

Okay. Babbling.

I'm going to do something else now.

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