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If you've ever been to AcidPlanet.com you know that the site holds a competitions called a "Mosh" pretty much every month.

Well, one of Wade's songs was entered into the March 500 Song Mosh and here's how he scored...

Totally proud. Totally.

Want to hear it? It's A Dream | DXSynergy


Mosh Info
This is where ACIDplanet citizens vote on music at the site. Small prizes reward the top song as well as top voting activity.

We hold 2 types of moshes, one for contests and another for non-contest songs. A collection of songs are grouped together into a "mosh". Citizens launch the Mosh Voting console and are presented 2 random anonymous entries. The 1st entry is played. After a time, the 2nd entry becomes playable. Once both entries have been heard, the listener selects one as the winner. At this point 2 more random songs from the mosh face off.

The 1st kind of mosh is for contests, where citizens become the "judges" for a given remix contest or mash-up. It's a way to select the people's choice for best contest entry. All the songs that were entered into the contest are grouped together for the mosh.

The 2nd kind of mosh occurs monthly, where 1000 songs are selected from the previous month's original composition (non-contest) uploads to the site. This is a great way to uncover hidden gems at the site. As such, we've provided a bookmark feature, so you can tag songs you like. Once the song's been eliminated from the mosh (or the mosh concludes), you can come back to the main mosh page and see who the artist is for the song you bookmarked.

If you encounter copyright violations while moshing, click the "©" beneath the song entry to report it.

As the mosh progresses, the worst performing entries in terms of votes are whittled down, until there are less than 40 entries remaining. When enough votes have been cast to safely proclaim a winner, the mosh is closed and the top songs are posted along with the top voters. Voters are select based on a combination of number of votes cast and penchant for selecting the winning mix.

The top song receives 1 year of ProZone service, while top voters select a choice from a year of ProZone service or a couple of loop libraries.

Citizens who have cast mosh votes in the past are given priority in the selection for the monthly 1000 mosh. However, no more than 1 song per account is selected for the monthly 1000.

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