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Well. I have definitely found something that works for me when my depression starts inflating to badass proportions (which I've noticed is around when my hormones change for my period).

I went to the pool today while I was working on my laundry and was pretty upset. Pretty damn low. I'm due for my period and I've grown to associate that with the endless crying spells I seem to have every so often. I mean I was standing there crying while I was floating around in the pool. It as that bad. Eventually I was able to dive a few times and get my heart rate up as I was planning to do before crying and everything started to feel better. So I dove and swam underwater for probably ten minutes, really elevating my heart good, and when I finally got back to doggy-paddling around the length of the pool like normal, I felt so much better. So I'm thinking that physical exertion and getting my heart rate up good will help when I'm depressed. Makes sense considering the things I've read to that extent.

So I feel better after my 20 minute swim. *sigh* Wonder what I'll do during the winter? I guess I'll have to go for a walk around my apartment complex. That might work.

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