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I've been so busy here lately. No time to add entries. No.. actually. i could have last night, but forgot. Nothing new going on. just kinda here. Waiting for any jobs to call back. *sigh* Doubt they will seeing as I have absolutly NO experience in anything but a stock clerk. I can't really think of much else to say right now. I've updated my Elfwood page (for those who care). And i'm trying to work on another story for it. I've also began working on a history for one of my role play clubs. VERY large task i might add. And then i've tried to begin typing some short stories that i wrote so long ago. They're fanfic and will go up at Fanfiction.net. a couple of them are pretty nice actually. *sigh* Guess i'll go. Can't stay too long on the net in hopes of a call...


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