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I finished updating my MySpace page and now I think it reflects me a tad bit better than before. I've left random messages for some people that I know and haven't seen in years. I've also come across several facts about the people I know. It's amazing how people change when you haven't seen them in years and even how they change when you haven't seen them in months.

Fun Facts:
  1. Everyone has kids and some have multiple kids. There are always exceptions to rules and this is no ... exception.
  2. Everyone is either married or in a stable relationship. Yes, this includes Brian - the boy who complained that he didn't have a girl friend... all the time.
  3. All the guys have decided facial hair is in. Why is that? Why? Why? WHY?

EDIT: I've also noticed that I've lost a lot more weight than I previously thought. I can tell because I have an older picture of me next to a picture I took yesterday with my webcam. WOW. My face looks so much thinner already and that says a lot to me.

Tags: facial hair, kids, myspace, random, relationships

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