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Find out what heroes character are you at LiquidGeneration.com!

1. Choose a few of your own characters - Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!

Aryah (Deveraux) [Hell Freezes Over]
Jah-Rah De'New [Star Wars: The Power of the Jedi]
Katheryn Mystic [X-men: The NeXt Squad]
Pietro Maximoff [So Uncanny]
Jorja Drake [Arillius]


So... How old are you?

Aryah: Old enough. Period.
Jah-Rah: You never ask a lady her age.
Katt: Twenty-ish. Like I care to remember.
Pietro: Twenty-nine and dead sexy.
Jorja: Twenty-five.


What's your height?

Aryah: Fuck off.
Jah-Rah: A am the equivalent of six feet in your measurement system.
Katt: Five-nine.
Pietro: Sexy six-two, baby.
Jorja: Five-eight.


What are you?

Aryah: Demon. Well, was a demon. Now I'm an outcast. Damn Lucifer.
Jah-Rah: I am a Priestess of the Holy Lady of the Flames, Daughter of Demona, and Senator who represents my homeworld of Kah Neihm.
Katt: A bit long winded, ain't she? I'm a mutant.
Pietro: *raises hand* Mutant.
Jorja: Normal? My cousin says I'm a witch.


Do you have any bad habits?

Aryah: I kill people for money.
Jah-Rah: I trust too much.
Katt: I smoke. Just because I can, not because I like it.
Pietro: Smoke, drink, drugs. You name it, I used to do it.
Jorja: No..?


Are you a virgin?

Aryah: No.
Jah-Rah: Again, another question you do not ask a lady.
Katt: That's my business.
Pietro: Hell, no.
Jorja: Uhm... Yes.


Who's your mate/spouse? If not, got anyone in mind?

Aryah: Raphael. Only took us a few hundred years to iron that out.
Jah-Rah: Those that could've been are now deceased.
Katt: HA! No. *tries to push thoughts of Meta out of her head*
Pietro: Been there. Done that. Not looking for anyone again.
Jorja: No?


Do you have any kids?

Aryah: Adora Noir. Everyone says she acts like me.
Jah-Rah: Sadly, none.
Katt: Nope. My sister has had at least one.
Pietro: No way!
Jorja: No.


What's your favorite food?

Aryah: Anything I can get that resembles ancient Mesopotamian food.
Jah-Rah: The berries that grown in the jungles of my home world.
Katt: Chinese.
Pietro: Thai.
Jorja: Cheeseburgers?


What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Aryah: Chocolate.
Jah-Rah: Ice Cream?
Katt: Rocky Road.
Pietro: Cherry Garcia. Totally.
Jorja: Chocolate.


Have you killed anyone?

Aryah: Did I not just tell you my bad habit was killing people? For money!
Jah-Rah: Sadly, yes. Ajax. But it was only to save my own life.
Katt: Not yet.
Pietro: Tried to kill myself, purely by accident of course.
Jorja: No.


Do you hate anyone?

Aryah: I thought I hated Raphael, but I was just denying my love. So says Tawny.
Jah-Rah: No. Hate leads to the Darkside.
Katt: The Friends of Humanity.
Pietro: Myself.
Jorja: No.


Have any secrets?

Aryah: Everyone has secrets. Mine are just darker than normal.
Jah-Rah: Yes. One.
Katt: Sure. Everyone does.
Pietro: Nope. I'm totally out in the open.
Jorja: Not really.


Do you love anyone?

Aryah: Yes. Raphael.
Jah-Rah: Yes.
Katt: Yes and no.
Pietro: Yes. And I probably always will love her.
Jorja: Other than family, no.


What is your job?

Aryah: Bounty Hunter, Assassin, Soldier from Hell.
Jah-Rah: Priestess and Senator.
Katt: None.
Pietro: Lawyer.
Jorja: I work at the Velveteen Rabbit Bookstore. I'm a clerk for Sebastian.


Boy or girl?

Aryah: Female.
Jah-Rah: Lady.
Katt: Chick.
Pietro: Dude.
Jorja: Girl


What do you do to relax?

Aryah: Spar.
Jah-Rah: Meditate.
Katt: Ride my motor cycle until I run out of gas.
Pietro: Swim mostly. Try to stay away from my vices.
Jorja: I read. That's about it.


What's something that you like?

Aryah: Blood.
Jah-Rah: My home.
Katt: Sunset.
Pietro: Women of exotic colors.
Jorja: Cookies.


Where do you like to sleep?

Aryah: In my bed with Raphael.
Jah-Rah: In a bed full of warm blankets and pillows.
Katt: In my own bed.
Pietro: Where ever I'm welcome.
Jorja: At home.
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