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Nothing much...

I just figured I'd leave an update because I've neglected my LiveJournal. Aww... poor ikle Journal. So well.. what have I been up to? Not too much. A couple of tests and of course spending time with Stephen. Not that I don't mind doing it though. He's fixing to begin training at the local prison for becoming a security guard. (Rent-A-Cop *lol*) I'm soooo happy because he gets paid for the training and starting pay at the prison is $11.10/hr. Very good for around here.

My dad got fired. Not anything he did of course. They just let go of all their temp workers at EVER and are going to be rehiring all the people that they're gonna keep. Just one of those things that happens around here all the time. Mom's still pissed that he quit the job that he had which payed very well, but she's not said anything to him yet. Even though he's been driving her crazy. I don't mind because I'm at school all week.

My mom misses me though. She started crying just because I was going back to school tonight. :O I didn't know she missed me that much. So, since she started going all teary eyed on me, I left her a few small phone cards in case she needed to call me. I'm only 35 minutes away. I don't know why she can't just call me. Parents are complicated. *sigh*

I fixed Alice & Al's hammie today. Alice chewed off one of the clips that was holding it to the sides of their cage. Stephen said they were fine one minute and then *clunk*! Two little ferrets tumbling out of their hammie. *lol* I bet it was pretty funny. I promised him I'd fix it, but I couldn't find my good SpiderWire (fishing line) or I'd have fixed it really good. I just used blue thread so I could tell which one had been fixed. (Not like it matters because the fixed one looks nothing like the others.) I used a lot of thread! I just want to watch Alice try to chew through it this time! HA!

Well... not much else to blab away about right now. Its getting close to bed time even though I slept all day. Stephen called me at freakin 5 AM because he was on his way home from his mom's and wanted to know if I wanted to come home with him! *Grrr* I couldn't belive he woke me up, but I'm glad he did. We got to his house at 6 AM and slept till 2. *ah* It was nice. He was all warm and comfortable. It was nice spending time with him. I won't get to do that much until after he's working full time. *sigh* Makes me want to cry.

Well.... I guess I'll really go for now.


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