llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

I'm home now. I have a cath in (ew) because my bladder still isn't responding, but at least I'm alive and I can use my legs. Considering where that disc was hitting, I could've lost the use pretty much the lower half of my body. I have a teeny bit of weakness in my left leg, but that's working out.

Hopefully, I'll have this cath out in a week and my bladder will be fully rebooted. Right now, the muscles just aren't responding, but that could just be because my spine is maybe bruised. It's degrading to have the cath, but there were a lot of factors involved. I had two liters of fluid on my bladder when I went to the ER and that had me all stretched out too far. Then I went straight into surgery in about two hours which relaxed that muscle even more so this smooth muscle just needs time to work back into place. Plus, there's the whole spine thing. This was explained to me by the urologist's nurse. She was a nice lady. I think I can deal with the cath while I'm recovering though.

Great thing is... I'm off from work for god knows how long. Whee. I get to lay around and play games and watch tv all day now. YAY! I need to steal my x-box back from my brother now. Maybe I'll get mom to go home and get Rock Band?! That would be nice. ^_^

I'm gonna go do something now. I'm just happy to be home. -sigh- It's much cheaper than staying in the hospital.


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