May 20th, 2002

[xkcd] Rapture

Late night entry.....

I know i haven't written, but hey... i've been busy. Yesterday (actually the day before, but who gives a flying f*ck?) I got to go to Magic Springs (a water/amusement park) with my old HS band. Pretty fun. I got to pay $17 to lay around all day in the sun. Okay... so i coulda done that at home, but i enjoyed it more there. I've been trying to work on everything that I can here lately. Mostly trying to come up with a new chapter in my story at Elfwood. *sigh* That just doesn't seem to be working.
Well... I've got to be getting back to that... *grrrrrrr*

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[xkcd] Rapture

Job hunting tomorrow...

Yup. I'm applying for a few jobs tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to pick one up. I really need this job so I can get my caaaaaaaaaar!!!!!!

which Episode II character are you?

Probably the greatest Jedi Knight of all. Like Obi Wan, you are wise and keep your feet on the ground at all times. You will not be outsmarted by anyone. You are always faithful to your friends. Be careful though, danger lurks around every corner - you could even be betrayed by those closest to you.

Lovely... I'd rather be Amidala.... ;)
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