June 12th, 2002

[xkcd] Rapture


I'm back after a break from the net. :D

The first half is almost totally right!

which Cruel Intentions character are you?
created by switchico

Cecile Caldwell - You are childish and immature. You are innocent and naive. However, a long island iced tea would transform you to a slut. People use you because you let them. Don't ever open your legs unless you're in Jamaica. You enjoy having sex with guys and kissing girls. Most probably you're a bisexual.

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[xkcd] Rapture

Where have I been?

Who knows? I may have just been too bored to want to get on the net. Well. My stupid ISP decided they didn't want to use my local access number anymore. So now I have to revert to my other Free ISP, which barely stays connected. Only after midnight and early in the morning. But I wouldn't have gotten up early enough to be on the net if it wasn't for Mother Nature. She is a bitch sometimes.

*Sigh* I'm just ready for something. I can feel that I'm ready for something, but I have no idea what it is!

Damn ... almos 9:00. I need to call Stephen about then and get ready to go to Newport. I need a new phone card for my Cell Phone. Stupid thing. It never works. We're also gonna see if we can get his old Nokia activated for my policy and then i'm just going to discard my phone. It's a piece of shit!

Anyway. I guess i'm through rambling for the moment. *sigh* I'll try to be back later.

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