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June 22nd, 2002


*sigh* I'm bored. I didn't have much else to do but write in my LiveJournal. My ISP is still screwy. I can't stand it. Online, offline, online, offline. This in a span of 5-10 minutes! Its driving me bonkers!!! Anyways .. I got to go to the theatre Thursday night. Stephen, Matt (one of our best guy friends), Nikki (his girlfriend), and I went to see Scooby Doo. And I do suggest going to see it. I thought it would be horrible, but it was actually pretty good. Kinda like a more grown up Doo for the next generation ... But that's just me of course. :D I'd tell you the ending, but it would screw up the whole movie, so i'm not gonna.

So ... What else is there to say? Nothing really. I need to be working on a character for a Trek RPG that I joined. I'm not very good at Trek though. I'm mostly a Star Wars/X-Men/Just Plain Fantasy kinda gal. Trek is cool though. I don't know everything SW or everything X, but I'm much better at them. Fantasy RP and SW RP are tied as my very favorite though.

Speaking of Fantasy RP ... I got to sit in on a D&D game Wednesday night. I really would like to get into a D&D group. I've got to get some books first though and work up a char. *Sigh* that takes so much effort. The group I was watching (whom I might get to play with next summer) needs a cleric pretty badly so I might work up that character. *Shrugs* Who knows. So if anybody's reading this and plays D&D in NE Arkansas ... Drop me a line on here. I'd like to either watch or join your group :D

I doubt that will ever happen, but its always worth the try. I guess I'll have to find a D&D club and see if anyone there knows where I can get into a good game. I mean ... I may not be perfect at RP-ing, but I love it more than just about anything. Even more than Video games! And most people never hear that from me. :D *sigh* I need to be writing on a couple more stories for Elfwood too. Maybe I'll do that here in a bit. Hopefully I can get inspired again. I have really been able to write since the semester ended. Though I've had much more time than before!

Well ... I guess I'll go for now. I'm gonna work on that char for a lil bit ... then maybe my stories.


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