August 28th, 2002

[xkcd] Rapture

Not too much...

Just thought I'd try to make an entry today to get myself back on track. I've been working on getting all my Yahoo! Groups back together after Stephen deleted me from them. Its very sad actually. *sigh* Now I'm working on my Neopets shop. I guess I could give that later after I get time.

I'm just really tired of class and wish I could just spend a day working on all my internet stuff, getting as much done as possible. Maybe I could do that tomorrow? I don't have but one class. It'd be okay I guess.

Tomorrow is my parents' um... 21st or 22nd anniversary. I can't remember. 22nd i think since I'm gonna be 20 in December. Fairly sure actually since they married in '80. :D Stephen and I are trying to make things work after our fight. Its s-l-o-w, but its okay. He got an Albino Ferret and named him Al. Al is soooooo cute! I love him to death. He climbs and runs and hops so much. An absolutly darling little creature. Plus I'm not allergic to him! That's a definate good thing. I'm allergic to everything else! Well... I guess i'll check back later with, maybe, some links and such. :D

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[xkcd] Rapture


Well... not actually for sale. You see... I used my one and only code to make a journal for my little brother Wade. And now he doesn't want it anymore.

If anyone would like a journal just leave me a comment or check out dragonryder_tkd! That's it.