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October 3rd, 2002

Just adding an update...

I have a few minutes so i thought i'd update my journal. What's been going on? Nothing much really. My back's been hurting... but then again... I get a spasim like this every so often. No bid deal... even though it hurts like a bitch. I think i'm finally beginning to break through my writers block and so, hopefully, i'll have a little bit more of my stories written on Elfwood. [Check out my page if you haven't already!] I just updated the bio today and I'm hoping to have at least one story written by Halloween. Hopefully... To know about my most recent inspirations, i suggest going to Elfwood and reading... ;) [hopefully this ploy will get you there...] Other than that, there's not much else to say. I'm just so excited! If it weren't for this damn CALC II test tomorrow, I'd be writing one right now!! :(



It's just an imp in the bush.

(i pulled the subject from the autocomplete on the comp... *hehe* you wouldn't believe how funny the shit on there is...)

I just thought I'd add a little bit before I went off to study (me, study? yeah right!) Stephen and I have to get the ferts their boosters soon. ^_^ They're so cute! I love Alice to death cause she's not too fast to catch. Al on the other hand is our little Houdini. You'll think he's in one room and you'll hunt for him when in fact he is in a completely different room and you don't understand how the hell he got there! He's darling though and i wouldn't ever give him up.
Well now... I've began work on an RP journal. Hopefully I can get it looking nice. Seeing as I am at Elfwood, I can't place up any of my RP posts because they're all considered fan fiction (BAH HUMBUG! They shouldn't be!) So I created a Journal for all the posts from my closed Yahoo group that I wanted to share with the world. It'll be posts from all different groups though. I've got X-men, Star Wars, High Fantasy, and such. Those'll be the most of it. Perhaps someone will read it and invite me to join one of their groups! Maybe... maybe not. I'm always open for people asking questions about my groups, so if you feel like joining one... ask away. I'll try to leave a message when i get it off an running, but until then.. i'll just leave the link. jewellrp



Holla What it Do

(subject from the auto complete again.. *hehe*)

I completed my study guide for Calc so I decided i wanted to reward myself by getting online. Great idea, Lori... you just forgot one thing. The B*tch on the freakin cell phone who won't get off the computer. I think it should be a law... if you're on the cell phone.. why do you need to be on the internet too?? I dunno, but it urks me.


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