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October 14th, 2002

How fun!

Ohhh... I just volunteered to review journals in the groups ljreview. How neat is that? Well.. I've got four to do this week and hopefully I'll get them all done!


My Cards...

I like this a lot...

LOOKIE, LOOKIE...Collapse )



Okay... I came into the fourth floor computer lab at 10:30 PM CST.... and I waited... and waited... and waited.

After half an hour I started doing every little annoying noise I could think of to see if they'd get the point. No. So I waited... and waited... and waited. Okay. So an hour goes by and still no movement towards the door.

So I wait a little longer in hopes that they just might be getting off the comp soon. No. So now it's 11:15 PM CST and I'm still waiting for the comp. Get this... there are signs on the wall saying "Please Limit Computer Use to the Following: 2 hours for homework or class assignments. 30 minutes for chatting."

kay... so its CLEARLY MARKED that its my turn.

I gave them the hour b/c it was two of them. *shrugs* Back to my gripe. Then their friend comes in at 11:30 PM CST. I sit and listen to them (which really got on my nerves because it just URKS me when a white girl talks like a black girl... I have absolutly nothing against any other races, but it still URKS me completely) and they give the computer to *HER*!

WTF????! I've been sitting there for AN HOUR AND A HALF and the ... dare I say it ... BITCHES give it to her!

All I even wanted to do was to check my mail and write down a character format for the new RP I had joined. That's all. Nothing hard. Just a few simple things. Not hard at all.

Well... I guess I'm done complaining. Someone else needs the comp and I'm nice enough to give it up when I'm finished.



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