August 27th, 2003

[xkcd] Rapture

Another day, Another person who doesn't know how to cook...

You wouldn't belive it, but the fire alarm in my hall has gone off two nights in a row... IN A ROW! Both times have been food related incidents. Yesterday it was pizza... tonight, burnt popcorn. Lemme tell ya. Kays Hall needs some Home Ec lessons. Luckily for those who did it last night on the 7th floor, it wasn't them again. Had it been, though, there would be hell to pay I'm sure. At least its warm out and i've had clothes on both times (though last night I had seriously thought about jumping in the shower, but Charmed had stopped me from doing it right before the alarm went off). Whilst we were waiting to be able to go back inside, Ashley and I ran over to McDonalds and bought ourselves some icecream. She told me that next time the alarm went off, it was here treat... *laughs*

A plus for this... The fire dept. responded much quicker. Its nice to know that, had this been an actual fire, I would be safe from harm.

*shrugs* Forever the optimist...

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