October 8th, 2003

[xkcd] Rapture

So Where Have I Been..?

Nowhere. Well... actually. I've been at school. Plus I was at Stephen's this weekend. I didn't feel like going home. We did go to wrestling this weekend. It was awesome except for the fact that I had to miss my friend Matt (X-Kaliber) in his match. I got to see his little brother Morgan (Morgan Lane) though, but he didn't do much wrestling... more like he got tossed around the ring. -laughs-

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-wipes her brow- That's a lot of stuff. If someone doesn't join dragonclawlake soon, I'm just gonna scrap the whole thing and get rid of it. I can always convert ravenblackdream into a different journal. I've got some ideas for an x-men character named raven who is a telepath... thus the name RavenBlackDream. It originally was going to be my X's journal but I haven't found a place ot put her yet. -sigh-
I really need to work on my Archive and my rp journal more than anything. I'll probably be posting up a few character saves in my RP journal so I can put up a disclaimer and call them my own. This way anyone that tries to steal my characters again will have some serious answerin' up to do. ;)

Other than all that... I've been playing RuneScape a lot here lately. I'm over 700 skill total and moving up quickly because I've been thieving Nature runes for my Stephen. I started this at lvl 29 thieving and have moved up to lvl 39. I'm awesome.

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For more information on RuneScape, you can visit the site itself [RuneScape]. Or you can visit one of the many tip sites. I prefer RuneScape Central, because it looks, to me, like one of the better organized sites on the web.

Well... I think I'm gonna go get something to eat before class...


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[xkcd] Rapture


I finished the info layout for dragonclawlake AND I had someone ask me about it! Boy, oh, boy! Today is turing out better and better. PLUS the guy who plays Alex Summers to my Lorna Dane has returned and normal RP can resume again! Happy, happy day today!

Too bad there's a test tomorrow that I'm gonna have to go study for... -sigh-

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