October 30th, 2003

[xkcd] Rapture

-sigh- Finally...


I've finally gotten my mind rested enough to think again so hopefully it'll help me. My mind has just felt like mush recently. I don't know why. I guess its because of school. It is just past midterm and I get to feelin' yucky then. I hate midterm. I just do. It means that registration is just around the corner and I absolutely hate registration. It such a major pain in the ass. I have to go speak to my Academic Advisor. Then I have to make sure I don't have any holds on my account which takes forever and a day to clear. THEN I have to do it online and pray that I can get the classes that I need.

I've done step one. I've gone and talked to my advisor because I caught him at a moment when he wasn't doing too much. Thank God for that. Now I'm stuck on step two... trying to clear all my holds. I've got a hold on my account for fees which I'm working on paying through my work/study. Plus my advising hold hasn't been clear. PLUS I have a hold from the Chem/Physics department for some reason because I didn't see my advisor for my fall advising. I'm not even a Chem major anymore. WTF? Its weird. -lightning strikes!- I have to finish filling out my CLS application so that I can properly switch majors. You have to be accepted into the Clinical Lab Sciences program here so I'd better do that pronto. I've had the damn thing since August. You'd think I'd have done it by now. Hell no... I'm me. I'm such a freakin' procrastinator. -sigh-

Well... what else do I have to rant about to make myself feel better? Hmm... Halloween is tomorrow, as I'm sure everyone knows. God I'm so excited. I just get really charged about this time because I just can't wait for Halloween night. I won't mention that the past 3 or 4 years have really blown because that's besides the point. The point is that I love Halloween. I don't know why, I just do. I'm just supercharged. Maybe its the costumes and the fun? Its prolly just all the chocolate candy that Mom buys to pass out to the Trick-or-Treaters. Whatever it is, I love it!!

It also means that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not for the food and presents anymore. I love them because I get to see my family again. ^_^ Its so much fun. Christmas at my Dad's family's prolly gonna be hard though. It would be about 6 months after we lost Memaw Veda. I miss her so much. At least not I can think about her without crying. (-tries hard not to cry again-) Death is just so hard for me. I lost one of my friends and I never cried. I dunno why. I guess it was denial. -shrugs- Now that I lost my Memaw, though, I'm totally not into this death thing. I think I was in a bit of a depression for a while. I don't really know why. The idea of death as a spiritual entity (grim reaper) appeals to me still. Death, darkness, and all that Halloweenie shit, but not death the reality. Nope. I've changed my ideas on that. I still support the Death Penalty and all. Don't know what that has to do anything, but its a death subject.

God... its only about 7:25. Perhaps I should go to bed early tonight? Maybe I should. I was really tired today. I was practically falling asleep as we sorted mail in the Mail Room. It can do that to you though so my supervisor didn't say anything when I told her I needed a break to walk around and wake up. She just kinda laughed at me. I like my job. Its odd, but just repetive enough that I don't forget much. That helps my poor mushy mind. Mmmmm... Mushy mind... -laughs- Homer Simpson thoughts.

Well... I guess I'll go until I can think of anything else to write. I'm gonna try to make a few RP posts and then work on swpotj and jewellrp. Sounds good to me....


P.S. -- I'm in a mood to watch Harry Potter. It makes the think of Halloween and Christmas all wrapped up in one...
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