November 20th, 2003

[xkcd] Rapture

Quick Update...

...Even though I'm late for work already. I promised I'd be back after lunch. I'm sure Carl and Alton are freakin'. lol Actually. I'm usually late after lunch so I doubt they are. For those who don't know... I work in the Mail Room of the Admissions Office at Arkansas State University. My Supervisor AND the lady who works in the back room with us are BOTH GONE this week so we have free reign of the Mail Room. -dances- Its so much fun. We've done little more than what we've been asked to do... Been conversing with each other and gettin' paid for it. -sighs happily- Ah.. this is the good life.

I actually wanted to say that I think I'm scaring people off from joining my SW game because when I tell them that its... a.) based loosely off the movies; b.) we started BEFORE Ep1 and have strayed from the main storyline quite a bit; and c.) an AU because of (b) and several other ideas in the game ... they turn tail and run before I can even tell them about how much fun the gameplay is. Its one of the best RPs I've ever been a part of. Maybe its because I can use my artistic talents at their broadest instead of trying to mould my form to the world of George Lucus. So many people want to follow the movie lines to the T that it is not any fun at all. No, no, no. Its more fun to start from what he gives you and go where ever you want! I mean, gosh... where else do you get a phantom in love with a priestess who isn't a Jedi Knight but is just as powerful? And how about 3 or 4 people bouncing back and forth from dark to light because of the unbalance in the Force that's happening at the moment? Or how about Jedi in Love? We don't even talk about Anakin that often and its usually only to move the story along anyways. Even though Mike has such an affinity toward Vader that he DEMANDS that Anakin eventually turn. -shrugs- No biggie...

Well... Gotta go.
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[xkcd] Rapture

A New Icon!!!!

-does the happy icon dance-

I got three new icons from isabellecs. She is the owner and operator of Gravity Girl Icons and does OUTSTANDING work!!! I uploaded 3/3 of the icons 1/3 and 2/3 are beautiful, but this is the one that I liked most. Now I'll I need is to do is get some catchy phrases to go on them.

Here's the other two... let me know if you have any ideas for neat phrases! ;)



Care of Gravity Girl Icons, credit Isabelle. ;) She specifies this on her page... so that's why I'm crediting. ;)
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