December 4th, 2003

[xkcd] Rapture

Wide Awake ... Again

I'm wide awake. But this time I think its half excitement-half chocolate/carmel cups. I ate a bunch of them as I was studying to ensure that I wouldn't get too sleepy to finish my review. I guess it worked. I posted in both ravenblackdream and dragonclawlake.


Dunno why... I just can't. My birthday just really means a lot to me. Hey... I share the same birthday as Walt Disney. Think 'bout that. ;)

[4:17 a.m. CST]
Bored. Awake. Talkin' to Boone. Need to study. NEEEEEED to study. Really should go to bed. Might do that here in a lil while. Could just stay up and study CLS for the next 2 hours. Doubt I'd do that though. I've been working on FenixFire for the past 45 minutes or so. Damn I let that place go. Its a shame. I left like 4 of the same messages to see if anyone's paying attention. 1 of them was by accident. Hit the wrong link. Should've hit 'send announcement to all members' instead of 'send message to all members'. That one was purely me not thinking. I need to work on swpotj and add some posts to jewellrp but I really just don't feel like it. I did post some dialoge for Mike. I hope he decides to post soon instead of making me wait like I did him. Didn't mean to. I just, truthfully, couldn't think of anything else to post. All i had was action and emotion. Couldn't think of any dialogue if i wanted to... and I really wanted to. Well... I guess I'm gonna either try to amuse myself for a lil while longer or actually go to bed. Haven't decided which yet. My door's unlocked so I really should be getting back to my room asap. Shouldn't have stayed on this long. I actually just got on to check my mail, but everyone knows how that goes. I get on for 5 minutes and stay on for 5 hours. -shrugs- Whatever...

BTW... switched out my old Yoda icon with a better one. This one just looks better.
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[xkcd] Rapture


Famous People Who Have The Same Birthdate As Me:
Calvin Trillin, Carrie Hamilton, Chad Mitchell, David Bromberg, Art Monk, Victor Jones, Walt Disney, Werner Heisenberg, Strom Thurmond, Morgan Brittany, Otto Preminger, Little Richard, Martin Van Buren, J.J. Cale, Jim Messina, Jim Plunkett, Joan Didion, John Rzeznik (1965), Jose Carreras, Fritz Lang, Gary Roenicke, George Armstrong Custer (1839),

I knew Disney... but i didn't know Strom Thurmond.

Famous Events That Happened On Lori's Birthdate:
Prohibition repealed in US (1933), 1st Nudist Colony opened, Numbers 1st used on football jerseys, Folding Theatre Chair patented, Channels on Mars formed (Sagan calendar), Tchaikovsky´s Nutcracker premiered, Death of Smaug (Hobbitt), Phi Beta Kappa fraternity founded, Graduate premiered, 1st Bicycle School opened, Paul McCartney & Wings´ Band On the Run released, Death of MacBeth, Pipe Wrench patented, Frankenstein premiered, Mozart died (1791), Columbus discovered Haiti (1492), 1st Female Judge in UK appointed (1956), Gerardus Mercator died (1594), Steel manufacturing process patented (1865), Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott began (1955), AFL and CIO labor unions merged (1955), Clarke County, Georgia founded (home of Athens; 18, Japanese Navy destroyed Russian fleet at Port Arth, Greeks voted to reinstate ex, KingConstantine(1920), Dinah Shore married George Montgomery (1943), 1st Scholastic fraternity founded (Phi Beta Kappa;, Flight 19 vanished off coast of Florida (1945), 6 US Navy Airplanes disappeared in the Bermuda Tri, Shay´s Rebellion (Massachusetts; 1786), USSR signed 20, yeartreatyof friendship with Afghanistan (1978), At 3:32 p.m., Utah voted to repeal prohibition giv, Rev. Algernon Crapsey convicted of heresy for ques
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[xkcd] Rapture


I'm thinking of moving dragonclawlake to GreatestJournal because this will allow everyone to be able to join without the hassle of codes. Plus I can use the Styles system to create a much better layout for ravenblackdream. I'm gonna go ahead and make the two journals now in case I look further into this idea...

[EDIT: 10 mins later]

no codes needed... just make a journal and join. since we haven't really started, it may be best to go ahead and move now...

What do you think, Boone?

For examples of what work I've already done with styles, see MagneticEnergy & WeatherWitch. It was mostly me just trying out things and seeing what they did. I'm proud of certain features in both journals even though they both look crazy...
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