January 14th, 2004

[xkcd] Rapture

Taken from coldlikesnow

-First name: Lori
-Hair Color: Dark Blonde/Almost, but not quite Brown
-Sex: Female
-Sexual Preference: Guys... Not necessarily tall, but dark hair and eyes.
-Shoe size: Men's 10 1/2 to 11

***Food and Drink***
-Soda: Diet Pepsi/Root Beer
-Alcohol: I don't drink
-Snack: Baked Lays
-Restaurant: El Fuente/Pizza Hut
-Fast Food Place: McDonalds/KFC

-Best Female Friend: Either Sara or Nikki
-Best Male Friend: At the moment, its a toss up between Stephen, Matt, and Brian
-Siblings: Wade
-First Kiss: Daniel... I think.
-Crush: I don't remember that far back. Don't care really because I love Stephen.

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