February 5th, 2004

[xkcd] Rapture

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Dammit I'm so freakin' busy. -sigh- I have 5 exams next week.

I REPEAT FIVE!!! That's every class I have!

Mon -- Sociology and A&P Lab Practical
Tues -- Microbiology
Wed -- A&P Class
Thurs -- U&BF (he was thinking about moving this one b/c he asked the class if it was 'good for us'?? ^_^ I hope he does)

Does that not bite so hard? Yes... Yes it does. It bites down, chews for a minute to determine if you taste good, and then rips your arm off for its dinner.

Bites so hard...

Well. I'm gonna go. I just finished summarizing a set of journal articles (I so plagurized, but shhhh! Don't tell!) and I need to go to bed because I'm probably going to be the only person at work tomorrow. I still need to walk back to my room. Oh. I finally got my notice that says I have to pick a new roomie. A girl came by today and asked if I'd like to have a roomie. I told her I really wasn't looking for one. If I got one, I got one. She asked if we could sit down and get to know each other to see if maybe we'd like to be roommates. I said yeah, but my schedual's so fer-reakin' weird that we really can't. She said she call me (I bet she won't!!) to talk 'bout it.

Anyways... I'm off to sleepy-sleepy land. I've already missed Family Guy AND Futurama so it kinda sucks. I'm missing Inuyasha, but i can handle that. As long as I can see Big O and Cowboy Bebop, I'm all good. I've kinda stated enjoying Big O. I liked Bebop before, but never Big O. Its a new experience for me....

Night ya'll


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